Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Project 365 New Things: Day 26

Is it October already? Jeepers.

So, I'm absolutely mentally and physically exhausted, and I'm still fighting this cold. Thus, I shall try to keep this report brief.

For today's challenge, I ate a cupcake with a spoon. I would not recommend this to others, on the grounds that it is a very unwieldy way to consume one's dessert, and I ended up having to fish chunks of cake out of a pool of ketchup. So, technically, I suppose I did two new things today, because in an attempt to salvage the chunks of cake, I tried to eat them. Do not eat chocolate cupcake chunks with ketchup. It only leads to despair and heartfelt sighs. Mark my words.

In other news, I came back to rehearsals today. I was still feeling a little too sick to do this, but I am incredibly stubborn when it comes to my passions, and so I may or may not have let on that I was feeling a little healthier than I actually was. However, I did not pay too dearly for this, as for the first half of the workshop, we all lay on the floor in a dimly-lit area and closed our eyes as we did various voice exercises. It was actually quite lovely and very relaxing. And I enjoyed it from a synesthetic point of view, too, because one of the exercises involved letting out vibrating 'puffs' of sound with each breath. As I lay there with my eyes shut, I got to watch the different colors of everyone's vocalizations in this rainbow of colored dots. It was absolutely beautiful.

In other news, I am out of a dog walking job until congress can act like adults, because my employer is forcibly home from work (she works for the government). I don't know how this will effect my ability to pay for Metro fare to Young Company, and it's actually concerning me a bit. I've got some money saved up, of course, but I don't know how long this madness will last. And that's all I'm going to say about it here, because I'm honestly just sick of arguing, politics, whining, whining about politics, arguing about politics... well, you get the idea. Congress, you had *one* job...

May sunny fields be involved in your future activities.



  1. I'm loving your 365 New Things, and I have a suggestion for some form of shenanigans you could attempt (feel free to reject it if you so desire):

    - Write a random and encouraging/complimentary/etc. etc. sticky note and leave it lying in wait for a hapless stranger to stumble across (in a public bathroom, on a table at a cafe etc.).

    Similar to your giving a flower to a stranger, I enjoy the thought of pleasantly surprising people I don't know with a few kind words.

    1. I honestly love this. I'm totally doing this sometime in the future for a New Things challenge. Thanks a bunch! :)


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