Thursday, October 3, 2013

Project 365 New Things: Day 28

Today, Young Company was cancelled because of the shootings at the Capitol. I'm just sort of tired of humans being awful, and that's all that I have to say about it right now.

In happier news, my new thing today was that I participated in a role-playing game of the dice and character-sheet variety. I don't know if I've extensively mentioned my literature group on this blog, but here's a sketch of them just for background. The group consists of six of my friends and me, and every Thursday we meet and discuss a work of literature. I love all of these people. We drink a lot of tea. We have deep discussions about characters. We talk about a lot of fandoms. We call ourselves "hermits united."

Anyway, today we brought a Doctor Who RP game to play after the discussion. It went quite well. Before we even began, we lost the dice (I think Ellen had been sitting on them). Kaila and I had an argument over whose character was more attractive, and Elizabeth lamented the fact that Martha Jones didn't get a special object whenever Rose Tyler was in the game. We all discussed the metaphorical resonance of this rule. Then we realized that Elizabeth didn't have a discernible pulse, and was probably dead. She thought this was amusing. Then, Elena, Kaila, and Missy and I began checking for our own pulses, and after some initial fear, finally found them.

I suppose we sort of deviated from the direction of the game when our characters stole a shop full of unattended candy, all donned bikinis (especially Captain Jack), and they all boarded a pirate ship on which they found the body of Jay Gatsby, covered in shirts. At this point, Joseph, our game master, claimed that there weren't any rules in the game book that pertained to this scenario. I remain skeptical on this point.

I don't think we're ever going to get invited to D&D meets. Maybe we'll become writers for SNL or something instead.


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