Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Project 365 New Things: Day 27

Today I did two new things. One was intentional, and the other was an accident that I rather wish hadn't happened.

The purposeful new thing was (wait for it): I FINALLY got into a headstand. For those who don't know, I have been attempting this ever since Young Company started a few weeks ago. (Has it really only been a few weeks? Hard to believe). Now, before you start sending away for trophies to be engraved with my name on them, let me make two things clear: I was supported by a wall at the time, and my friend actually had to grab my feet and help me get into position. BUT. Success was, ever so briefly, mine. It was weird. And pretty nice.

The accidental thing was that I witnessed a theft. It was quite jolting. A few of us were walking back to the Metro from rehearsal, and as we were passing through the turnstile, this guy came running towards us, vaulted over the barrier, and ran out of the station. This woman (whose iPhone had been taken) was yelling "THIEF!" What kills me is that I was literally right there-- less than a foot away from the guy-- and I did nothing. I just didn't react fast enough. My reptilian brain was totally ready, but it couldn't get the rest of my mind to do anything. When he was in midair, he was RIGHT in front of me. I could have just given him a solid push and he would have stopped. But I didn't, merely because my brain didn't react fast enough to grasp the situation and do something about it. I know it's probably slightly irrational, but I actually feel guilty. Because I am a thought-y sort, I got to thinking about how society lulls us into false senses of security, which we invite, because we all want to feel safe. But it's an illusion. At any given moment, literally anything could happen, and we forget that in favor of the illusion of normality. Humans are so wedded to ideas of 'how things should go' that many of us don't react properly when stuff like this happens. I thought about a lot of other things along that theme, too. Anyway, I really just wanted to talk all of it through with my friend Drew on the train home, because he really helps me think through stuff like this. But he STILL lives multiple states away from me. I wish he'd stop that. It's annoying.

Anyway, I hope your day was better than mine. Hasta luego.


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